Friday, 22 November 2013

Nimbys and whinesr, loud but saying nothing

Has anyone noticed that all the loudest whiners in Thanet actually represent nobody? The usual half dozen suspects whine and whine, bullshit, lie, misrepresent and hope nobody will notice, whilst embarking on pointless campaigns for videos nobody will ever watch , producing audio nobody will listen to, all the while simply making TDC's work more difficult.

Mending Thanet is oh so simple, throw driver out, ignore the nimbys and whiners, and lets make some progress at last!


  1. It has always interested me around Thanet's blogs that the same dozen names crop up with monotonous regularity yet several of them claim to be the voice of the public, like the rest of us talk to nobody. As a councillor living in the ward I represent, I often get to chat to people when out and about and most have little or no concern about the council at all. If they do, it is usually something like dustbin problems, dog poo or vandalism. Funnily enough, despite the apparent public out cry, no one has ever mentioned to me night flights, TEF, Pleasurama, filming council meetings or the Ramsgate Pavilion.

    Folk Week was a big issue after 2012's week with many concerns, but there is general satisfaction with the way it was run and policed in 2013. Then there was some resistance to the proposal for a Broadstairs Community Centre, but demonstrations in the park attracted a relatively handful of protestors, some even bussed in from elsewhere, whilst the majority of the towns folk were unconcerned. That issue was supposed to be a major one for the 2011 election with calls in the press to support those candidates who opposed the centre. Two were elected who opposed the centre against thirteen who supported it. Still the nimby element claim there is no public support for it so you can't really change them.

    Guess you are right, John, just ignore them and get on with life.

  2. Hi William,
    I really can't see anything to disagree with in your post.

    It really is the same 5 or 6 names whenever there is a danger of progress being made, that crawl from the woodwork to try to scupper any progress before it's made, just to further their own agenda or to massage their own egos.

    Driver is simply a media whore, desperately trying to generate a public image that will see him re-elected when he run's out of parties that will have him, James just wants to feel important, cheggers, just a worthless mouthpiece with a lot to say, but nothing to contribute, Michael, well he is the quintessential British busibody who wants to be involved in everybody's business, and smithson, where I think Cllr Poole's description of him was perfect.

    There are other hangers on of course, like the boy Turner, but they really are so inept, they really are welcome comic relief!

    The one thing they all have in commion is they all think they can do it better, but in real life are utterly clueless, and have little if anything to offer. They are lead by the nose by driver, on each and every one of his excursion on the various bandwagons he jumps upon, or indeed manufacturers.

    Take filming of TDC meetings. The usual suspects make all sorts of claims about everyone wanting live streaming, Turner even tried to say it was his human right! HAHAHAHA. In reality, NONE on the people I know, have spoken to, that have been through my business, or that I have come in contact with over the last couple of weeks, knew it was an issue or cared, and when the suggestion was made that they would be able to watch TDC meetings live, was treated with amusement, and in several cases outright laughter!

    Nobody cares, and rightly so. The ONLY people interested in scrutenising TDC's meetings are the same 5 or 6 people, who will all be streaming the content anyway, leaving NOBODY watching it! It's simply ANOTHER Driver sideshow, no more no less,

    I am willing to bet that the amount of people who will listen to drivers audio of the meeting, other that the usual suspects, will be able to be counted on the thumbs on one foot!

    I LOVE the way they trot out that TDC is corrupt, but have yet to provide a shred of evidence, or even a substantial detailed allegation. That is of course James's style, make all sorts of accusations, hope people believe them, because when challenged, he has absolutely nothing. Look at what happened when he made a specific allegation, he was IMMEDIATELY forced to remove it, under threat of legal action! And that's why they keep the allegation to a nice general "TDC are corrupt", because they have no evidence of any kind that that is so!

    They are the same as the red hall mob, noisy buy irrelevant, and should be treated as such.

  3. Mending Thanet is so simple John H ? Just ignore the nimbys and whiners. Followed by William's verification that Thanet folk have always ignored the nimby and whiner issues. Prompting me to ask if Thanet has, in fact, been following the JH formula all along why does Thanet now need "Mending" ?

    You are a laugh a minute JH.

  4. I'm sure your giggling is more maniacal than meaningful Rick.

    Once the whiners and nimbys and rightly put back in their box, then progress can finally be made, and that will indeed be a happy day for Thanet, as will the day when your finally sectioned.