Friday, 22 November 2013

Nimbys and whinesr, loud but saying nothing

Has anyone noticed that all the loudest whiners in Thanet actually represent nobody? The usual half dozen suspects whine and whine, bullshit, lie, misrepresent and hope nobody will notice, whilst embarking on pointless campaigns for videos nobody will ever watch , producing audio nobody will listen to, all the while simply making TDC's work more difficult.

Mending Thanet is oh so simple, throw driver out, ignore the nimbys and whiners, and lets make some progress at last!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hmmm, I wonder who Driver could be refering to...

"But the truth is that the behaviour of some Councillors is even more appalling than this outspoken report portrays. I am personally aware of examples of some Councillors using their influence and connections to destroy the businesses and livelihoods of members of the public and other councillors with whom they have fallen out or disagree with"

Oh yes, I know

That would be when Driver singled out and mercilessly attacked GB PIzza company!

Attacks them in the glare of publicity he sought, apologises meekly on his own minor blog, and privately.

Driver, a hypocrite, no, surely not!

Yet MORE irrelevant grandstanding harms Thanet!

Once again, media whore Driver engineers a non issue to get his name in the press, at the expense of Thanet residents.

"I therefore decided  to film the meeting secretly, but was discovered. I was asked to leave the meeting but  refused. The Chairman closed the meeting and postponed it to another time"

From his own blog, he cheerily recounts how he once again decided which rules shouldn't apply to him, flouted them, and caused the termination of a council meeting! Had there been a vote, had the rules been changed, of course not, Driver simply decided it was about time to see his name in print yet again, and if that hurt the people of Thanet, then tough shit!

CLEARLY Driver is persuing his own self serving agenda to please the pathetic band of nimbys and whiners that have become his minions.

Well done Driver, once again you bring TDC into disrepute, whilst actually representing nobody.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Will Driver listen to his electorate?

Having mislead the electorate to get elected, Driver has failed to represent anyone since leaving the Labour party, and then joining and abandoning 3 other political groups.

With the result of the poll on his blogsite firmly in favour of Weatherspoons, will he now be throwing his not inconsiderable weight behind this preferable development that the people of Thanet ahve told him they want via his own poll?

Will Driver FINALLY represent someone in Thanet...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Driver caught bullshitting AGAIN!

Seems Driver and his minion James have been caught out peddling yet more bullshit. After posing a string of allegations about the recent demolition of a derelict eyesore, Driver made a string of allegations, as parroted by his minion James.

Few took him seriously (as usual most realise he was just leaping on a passing bandwagon), with a few notable exceptions, such as the proven moron, and Ramsgate's own village idiot Joe Turner for example.

Seems that the building company boss is prepared to expose Drivers grandstanding, showing with evidence, (you could learn from that James ;) ) that he has a solid legal footing to counter TDC's accusations, and Drivers's and his minions bullshit.

Go for it Mr Perlov, you have the support of the VAST majority of Thanet that long to see progress!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

TDC getting it right!

It seems that TDC are getting a lot more right than wrong these days. Their handling of the lease sale by Rank of the Royal Victoria Pavillion is a great example of a council acting in the best interests of the town it's responsible for, in spite of the usual whinging and whining by all the usual suspects, and Driver desperately trying to find a way to rubbish TDC for doing exactly the right thing. Similarly, the proposals to use the port as a small container port are a great step forward. In this case, try as Driver might, the best he can do is find a small part of the plan to attack, as of course he couldn't possibly represent the people he lied to when he got elected, and support clearly a great plan for the port. The only other voices against such a great proposal are Drivers usual minions, peons and apologists, who as always contribute nothing, and whine at everything that is ever proposed for Thanet. "where is plan B they" they whine, yet when challenged, as usual they have nothing. It seems that at LAST TDC is starting to ignore the whining of these worthless individuals, and doign what's best for Thanet, and it's inhabitants, and the silent majority who just wish the usual subjects would STFU and disappear, they contribute nothing, they offer nothing, and have no value, and I am very happen to see them finally being rightly sidelined. Well done TDC, you're going in the right direction!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Business as usual..

Once again, tragically, it's business as usual in Thanet!

The usual suspects attack TDC for allegedly allowing a company with (they claim) no experience ot track record to secure the pleasurama site.

An investor with a proven successful track record comes forward to bring back into use a building that has laid empty for 6+ years, and is immediately attacked by the usual alliance of nimbys, self serving media whores, scaremongers, luddites, talking heads and bullshitters.

An eyesore is torn down, and media whore Driver leaps immediately onto a passing bandwagon claiming rules must be followed or terrible penalities should be the consequence.

Driver then breaks council rules to film a council meeting, in another attempt to secure a few more precious column inches!

No wonder Thanet is rapidly turning into a shithole. It seems those who are prepared to attack any and all attempts to move forward in Thanet are those that contribute the least. If they are allowed to prevail, sadly we will end up with a Thanet as bland, colourless, empty and vacuous as they are, so that they can feel comfortable, whilst they try to blame those who TRIED to rescue Thanet from these pathetic whining nimbys!