Sunday, 16 June 2013

Margate nimbys continue to amuse!

How delusional can some people be! Having disabled comments on their blog after a TORRENT of happy mails that Tesco will be built, this is the best, and ONLY excuse the nimbys could come up with!

"Toby Pengelly - Or an orchestrated campaign by those with an agenda. I'd guess Tesco has a fairly large marketing budget, part of which would be spent on shills flooding pages such as these with pro Tesco comments"

This particular village idiot doesn't even live anywhere near Thanet! Instead of the particularly amusing, not to mention HUGELY far fetched "part of which would be spent on shills flooding pages such as these with pro Tesco comment", how about the HUGE MAJORITY WANT THE TESCO'S, AND DON'T GIVE A CRAP THAT YOUR SENILE OLD MAN WON;T HAVE HIS VERY OWN PARKING SPACE ;)


  1. I didn't realise he isn't a local, but he implied that I was being paid by Tesco to support it (if only!). But the NIMBYs are clearly getting very desperate now.

  2. Nah I forget where the fool lives now, but he races in to try to help his poor senile ole man when he's being ridiculed for making a fool of himself. But all he really achieves is proving like father like son.

    I wish I could get paid for pulling their laughable posts to pieces, easiest money I would ever earn!

    They have been desperate for sometime now Peter, the proof being they have even now had to stop people posting support for Tesco on their own blog, and have banned you from their FB page!

    They are defeated, but will lumber on for our amusement.

  3. It is amusing I am just glad the eyesore will be gone. I must say I had to laugh when Manston was under attack from a blog called "no planes over herne bay" They obviously have nothing else to moan about and borrow a debate from elsewhere.

  4. Hi Don, I saw that, i really had to laugh! It seems to be a really prevalent passtime in East Kent! I think nimbyism was possibly invented here, and if not, it has certainly been refined to a great degree by those with nothing else in their lives!

  5. A leaflet dropped through letter box announcing the plan to build a housing estate near Manston. The NIMBYs will no doubt be scrambling over each other to buy the houses and then set about the exciting task of complaining about over flights.